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What 6 Things Must Happen For California To Re-Open?

On Wednesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom addressed the six things that must happen in order for the state to move into the next phase that he referred to as “the new normal.” Newsom assured the public that all decisions regarding lifting the current stay-at-home orders will not be made as a result of political pressure, but will be made strictly from a health and safety standpoint.

Newsom acknowledged the heavy burden that stay-at-home orders have had on the economy, the healthcare system, and on poverty. As Newsom stated, “This can’t be a permanent state. And I want you to know, it’s not.” Although necessary, current stay-at-home orders are simply not sustainable.

Below are the six indicators that Newsom said he must see before the stay-at-home orders can be modified, which will all be guided by scientific data:

Framework for Re-opening California

1. Expanding testing to allow for greater capacity to trace and track those that are positive for the coronavirus and ensuring isolation practices are performed for these individuals;

2. Maintaining health and safety from infection and spread for California’s most vulnerable populations;

3. Addressing the ongoing needs of our healthcare systems as there may be potential future surges of positive cases as stay-at-home orders are relaxed;

4. Continuing to engage research partners to develop therapeutics;

5. Businesses continuing to practice safe physical distancing such as lower the capacity of customers indoors at any given time, restaurants minimizing the number of tables they serve, and school classrooms being reconfigured; and

6. Ensuring the state is in a place where they could re-institute measures, such as our current stay-at-home orders, should we find we need to implement these measures again in the future.

Flattening the Curve

Newsom shared positive news that he has been encouraged by the outcome of current practices by Californians. As displayed below, Newsom revealed that the current stay-at-home orders have significantly reduced the number of positive coronavirus cases that likely would have occurred if the orders had never been placed.

It is unclear at this time when California will move into “the next phase” but the six indicators provided by the Governor are intended to provide the state with a roadmap for the future.

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