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Voters of Elk Grove: The Other “Jo,” Wants Your 2020 Presidential Vote

Voters of Elk Grove: The Other “Jo,” Wants Your 2020 Presidential Vote

With less than 72 days until the 2020 Presidential election, your social media feed may be full of Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden news. But the other “Jo” would like you to know, the boys are not the only game in town.

While you may have not heard of her, Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate running for President in 2020.

In late May, the Libertarian Party made history by nominating its first female Presidential Candidate: Dr. Jo Jorgensen. Running on a traditional Libertarian platform of individual freedom, less government, and personal responsibility, Jorgensen offers voters a third option this election season. 

“Don’t look to the government to “solve” your problems. Big government cannot solve your problems because big government IS the problem,”  Dr. Jo Jorgensen shared during her acceptance speech. 

An Illinois native, Dr. Jorgensen graduated from Baylor University in 1979 with a B.S. in psychology. She received her MBA from Southern Methodist University in 1980, working as a marketing representative for IBM before launching a software sales business in South Carolina in 1983. After taking a break from the corporate world to raise her children, in 2002 Dr. Jorgensen started a consulting company and earned her Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology from Clemson University.

End Big Government

Dr. Jorgensen delivers a sharp rebuke of the previous generations of Republican and Democrat politicians, whom she feels failed the American people. She says, “Big government mandates and programs created these problems. To solve them, we need to make government smaller – much, much smaller”.

According to Dr. Jorgensen, together, the two major Parties gave us:

  • Over $26 Trillion in debt, Trillion-dollar deficits, plus Trillions more in unfunded liabilities
  • Non-stop involvement in an expensive and deadly foreign wars
  • Skyrocketing health care costs
  • The highest imprisonment rate in the world; Even higher among racial minorities and the poor
  • A broken retirement system unable to pay promised benefits
  • Tariffs destroying markets for American farmers

On The Issues

Where does Dr. Jorgensen stand, in her own words, on many issues now facing the United States? 

On Racial and Social Justice

Dr. Jorgensen says, “I reject violence and bigotry, and I advocate non-aggression, peaceful persuasion, and voluntary cooperation”. Interestingly, unlike other Political Parties, the Libertarian Party’s policy includes opposing force. To be eligible to join, each individual must sign a pledge attesting that they oppose the initiation of force for the purpose of achieving social or political goals.

Upon hearing of Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate, she tweeted:

“I’m glad that Joe Biden has brought another woman into the race; the vice presidency shouldn’t be a boys’ club. When I think about the millions of girls and young women across America, I think they deserve a voice this year when it comes to the top job in the country”.

Financial Conservative

Dr. Jorgensen proposes deep cuts in federal spending, ending the income tax, and balancing the budget. “Being the more frugal of the two old parties is like being the soberest drunk in a bar,” Jorgensen said. She added, “Taking money and control out of the government and returning it to the American people will create millions of new jobs, and will give back over $12,000 to the average taxpayer, every year. Donald Trump promised American voters that he would drain the swamp, but the swamp under Trump’s presidency is brimming”.


According to Dr. Jorgensen, “Republican and Democratic policies over the past fifty years are the reason health care has become so expensive…They differ only on whether this should be done by private insurance companies or government bureaucrats. This is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. We can reduce the cost of healthcare 75% by allowing real price competition, and by substantially reducing government and insurance company paperwork. This will make health care affordable for most Americans, while also reducing the cost of legacy programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA”.


On the environment, Dr. Jorgensen says she will “work to remove government barriers to replacing coal-burning and oil-burning power plants in the United States with safe, non-polluting, high-tech nuclear power plants – and allowing off-grid use of solar power. Worldwide, I believe we need to consider all scientific & economic knowledge to care for our environment, not cherry-pick data to support a predetermined outcome. Most pollution is generated in developing countries, so reducing pollution worldwide requires cost-efficient zero-emission energy sources like nuclear.”

In addition to the issues above, Jorgensen’s platform includes reforming immigration, stopping civil asset forfeiture, and ending the War on Drugs.  To learn even more about Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign for President, visit

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