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BurgerIM & Their Gourmet Burgers Are Here!

BurgerIM & Their Gourmet Burgers Are Here!

After having to drive north of Elk Grove for their burgers, I am excited to say that Burgerim has finally opened in Elk Grove! With it being Superbowl Sunday, I decided to stop on in and grab a few burgers for dinner. They were packed, but that’s not unusual with the crowd that is usually there. So, put whatever you are doing on pause and read a little more about what this new casual dining restaurant has to offer!


The Elk Grove Burgerim is owned by friendly United States Navy Veteran James Landrum and his wife Thai Landrum. The Landrums shared that they decided on Burgerim because it was something new and unlike all other casual dining experiences out there. They want something different and tasty that others would feel the same way about.  While this is their first restaurant, they are aiming to open 7 more in the next 10 years. That’s a great goal to have! Based on how busy the restaurant is and the professionalism they maintained with all the customers, I’m confident they can.

Owner James Landrum proudly posing in front of his restaurant.


The menu looks simple enough, but if you look closely, you can see that it is actually full of options! For example, the different types of patties they offer are Lamb, Turkey, Wagyu Beef, Falafel, and many more! Only a very few restaurants offer this. Also, you can customize the style of burger. Looking for bacon? Avocado? BBQ sauce? Spicy? They have all that! Now, my favorite part. I am awful at deciding if I would like fries or onion rings because I prefer both. Guess what? At Burgerim, you do not have to decide! You can have both!!! Yes, both! This part always gets me excited, and relief knowing that I don’t have to make that difficult decision. Burgerim also offers beers on tap including Track 7, Modelo, Stella Artois, and 805.

Burgerim’s simple menu but full of variety as well.

My Order

I love lamb and burgers. In this case, the obvious choice was to order a burger with the lamb patty. However, I also wanted to try to Merguez Beef and Spanish Beef because both looked different and spicy. In the end, I ordered the Trio combo. I wanted to change up the burger, so I ordered the Merquez Beef in California style and the Spanish Beef in Cowboy style. The Lamb patty was left plain since lamb usually has a distinct flavor to it. While the Lamb and Merquez Beef burgers were both pretty darn tasty, but the Spanish Beef was my favorite! Maybe it was the onion rings, maybe it was the bacon, or maybe it was the BBQ sauce.

Spanish Beef-Cowboy Style, Merguez Beef-California Style, and Lamb Patty-Classic Style. All were delicious and left me wanting more!

Overall, the food is delicious. It can get pricey, but for the options and flavors available, it is totally worth it! Next time, I’ll definitely try their wings and a milkshake!


9332 Elk Grove Blvd #100
Elk Grove, CA 95624
(916) 667-9853

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