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California Northstate University College of Medicine To Open $750 Million Dollar 250-Bed Teaching Hospital

Photo Credit: City of Elk Grove (used with permission of Mayor Steve Ly)

Elk Grove To Get A New Hospital

California Northstate University College of Medicine announced that they are building a $750 million dollar, 250-bed teaching hospital. This new hospital is projected to create 24,000 jobs and generate over $4 billion in the local economy.

California Northstate University College of Medicine was founded in 2015 and is right by the I-5 freeway. Important to note, the opening of the College of Medicine has played an integral role in terms of developing that side of Elk Grove. For example, a shopping center by the school has Oz Korean BBQ, Flaming Grill, Miyabi, and Heatea. This is also close to the popular Stonelake community.

The City of Elk Grove, with a medium sized population of approximately 175,000 residents does not currently have a hospital. The closest hospitals to Elk Grove are Kaiser Hospital and Methodist Hospital, both in South Sacramento, near the border of Elk Grove.

Elk Grove is rapidly expanding and is projected to grow to a population of 200,000 plus within 10 years time.

Construction is expected to begin in 2019 with full completion in the year 2022.

City leaders including the Elk Grove City Council
& California Northstate College of Medicine Staff
Photo Credit: City of Elk Grove (used with permission of Mayor Steve Ly)

Benefits of Hospital Project

As a teaching hospital, medical students from California Northstate College of Medicine could train and also apply for medical residency there. Medical residency generally involves four years of training (varies) after the completion of medical school.

Finally, Elk Grove will have a hospital that can handle the majority of medical issues and treatments. Most noteworthy, the hospital will have a level II trauma center. This means that it will be equipped handle most emergencies that come through.

Dr. Peter Yip, a faculty member, thinks that the addition of a teaching hospital will really take our community to the next level. “It does create a medical center of high level and brings care closer to home. So, you can have much better access, much faster access for the community. One of our missions is to bring students a pipeline of new physicians into this area.”

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly applauds everyone who helped bring this project to life.“It’s a huge project that’s going to bring jobs to Elk Grove. It’s going to be an economic catalyst.”

Certainly, the addition of 24,000 jobs is welcome in the City of Elk Grove. Many Elk Grove citizens drive to and from downtown Sacramento or midtown Sacramento for work. Thus, the development of this hospital means is a godsend to those who would love a job avoiding commute to downtown or midtown.

Thank you to all of our city leaders and people who laid the groundwork for this vision to become a reality.

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