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Jimmy’s Poke House and Sushi Grand Opening March 4

Jimmy’s Poke House and Sushi Grand Opening March 4

Jimmy’s Poke House and Sushi is currently in their soft opening stage and will be grand opening on March 4.  Jimmy’s is a fast casual restaurant that offers build your own poke bowls.  Owner Jason was inspired by a trip to Hawaii to open a poke restaurant.  Poke is a raw fish salad served in Hawaiian cuisine.  Places like Jimmy’s are letting people have that taste of vacation at home.

Jimmy's poke house bowl


First, Jimmy’s is located at 8211 Bruceville Rd Suite 103 on the border of Elk Grove and South Sacramento.  Jimmy’s is in the same parking lot as Starbucks, Rubio’s, and Strawberry Creek Dental Group.  Jason and team are the first occupants of this space so everything is brand new.  They were able to build the restaurant exactly to their specifications.  The space is roomy with a modern feel.

jimmy's poke house


Next, along with poke, Jimmy’s will be offering a small sushi menu with popular simple rolls such as California Roll and Lion King.  They also have hand rolls and nigiri sushi.  For sides, poke nachos and raw oysters are being offered.  New menu items are currently in the testing phase.  Miso soup and takoyaki balls are coming soon.  A kids bowl is also in the works which will include rice and spam.  An assortment of beer, wine, and cold sake are on the menu as well as fountain soda and ice tea.  Packaged drinks are available from the cooler.  For dessert, macaron ice cream sandwiches are available in many flavors.

In addition, the poke menu is on seasonal rotation.  Jimmy’s will stock seasonal items hence keeping ingredients as fresh and tasty as possible.  Some items on their menu that I’ve never seen in a poke restaurant are green papaya “noodles”, pineapple, tomatoes, corn, and jicama.  Jimmy’s offers one size bowl that comes with 3 scoops and additional proteins for $1.50 a scoop.  The bowl pricing includes one scoop of each item in the mix-in categories, none are an extra charge.  If you’d like to get 2 scoops of any mix-in, there is a $.50 charge for the second scoop.  Customers are welcome to mix bases like half salad half rice and can get multiple kinds of sauce as well.

Jimmy's poke fish

seafood options


Jimmy's poke mix ins

poke bowl mix ins


Jason wants his business to become a place where he sees regulars.  Rather than customers, he wants people to become neighbors and friends.   Jimmy’s offers discounts to students, healthcare workers, law enforcement, military, and seniors who show ID.  Most of all, Jason brought in his brother Vincent as the general manager.  Vincent’s personable demeanor and willingness to help others makes him the perfect example of how this restaurant is focused on the customer.  They want customers to feel valued and know that they are getting high quality food for an affordable price.

Grand Opening Celebrations

Jimmy’s will grand open on March 4 and they are offering 30% off poke bowls.  To celebrate their opening, they are giving away 2 Kings tickets and 2 poke bowls!  Then, throughout the month of March, they will have weekly giveaways with other fun prizes!  You can see full details on how to enter on their Instagram page.

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