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Happy 10th Anniversary Brick House!

Happy 10th Anniversary Brick House!

The Brick House decorated for their 10th Anniversary Celebration

10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Local institution Brick House Restaurant and Lounge celebrated their 10th anniversary on Nov. 17 and 18.  Brothers Geno and Franco Cassella opened up Brick House in Old Elk Grove in 2007 after leaving the corporate world.  To celebrate their anniversary, the brothers planned a “Thank You” party to honor the occasion.  This weekend’s celebration included rolling back the drink menu to 2007 prices, bringing in original bartenders and staff, live music, and free late night pancakes for those partying it up.

I stopped by for lunch on Saturday and there was already a crowd even though the big party started at 3pm. There seemed to be a lot of Brick House regulars hanging out.  Alexis, the bartender, was quick and friendly much as the rest of the staff.  The drinks specials were available all day Friday and Saturday.

The Menu

Brick House has an extensive lunch menu including pastas, sandwiches, soup, burgers, salads, and combos.    I ordered the Crab and Prawn Ravioli.  Creamy pepper tomato sauce was the perfect accompaniment to the raviolis.  The ravioli is packed full of fresh seafood, I didn’t taste any fillers or binders.  The pasta was nice and firm.  Bread is served with this lunch and is perfecting for finishing the delicious sauce.

Crab & Prawn Ravioli from Brick House

A Chat With The Owner 

Also during my lunch, I had the opportunity to chat with Brick House co-owner Geno.  He is a friendly man who walked around talking to all the customers.  You can feel the camaraderie in the air.  Geno told me that he wanted Brick House to be a place where people could take their family to a nice dinner without breaking the bank.  Their family created and tested recipes are hearty and delicious yet there’s no pretension.  Add in an expansive cocktail menu, live music on the weekends, and a ton of hard work and you have the recipe for succeeding in Old Elk Grove.


In conclusion, Brick House is a wonderful representation of small business in Elk Grove.  By creating a quality product they stand behind and forming friendships with their customers, the Cassella Brothers have a decade of business under their belts.  Here’s to many, many more anniversaries for Brick House!


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