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KB’s Thai Hut Serves Lao Food And More

KB’s Thai Hut Serves Lao Food And More

Most of us are familiar with Thai cuisine and it’s popular among most everyone. The perfect balance of color and flavor is what comes to mind when we think of Thai food. What about Lao food? It’s similar to Thai food, but has its own uniqueness. The flavor is often bold, and I like it. I’ve been on the hunt for authentic Lao food for awhile and KB’s is definitely one of the spots I’d recommend. Not only do you get the great taste of Thai, you get Lao food as well. The best of two worlds in one restaurant!


KB’s Thai Hut is a mom and pop eatery, so don’t expect anything fancy when dining in. What you can expect is great service. The owner, Kat, and her staff are super friendly. Whatever you don’t understand from the menu, they’ll explain it to you. Aside from the friendly staff, there is unique decor that can only be found in Thailand or Laos. Sticky rice bamboo baskets are hung throughout the dining area as well as different pieces of artwork.  I went to the restaurant after lunch rush, so I didn’t have any issues ordering my food. Better yet, I was able to chat with Kat for a bit before she became busy with other customers.


Here is a sample menu of some of the Lao food available. As you can see, you can customize the spice level to taste. There are many options. What’s great about KB’s menu is that if you’re a vegetarian, you can order any dish and request substitutes for meat. Even though pork is one of the main staples of Lao food, but here at KB’s, you won’t find it.  To be able to serve all the delicious dishes to everyone, they only serve halal meat.

What I Ordered

One special item on the menu that I’d love to highlight is their papaya salad platter. In the native tongue it’s called thum mak houng in Lao and som tum in Thai. Either way, it’s tum (meaning salad)! You get to pick your choice of thum, whether it be payaya, cucumber, long green beans, or rice noodles. Served with it is cabbage, sticky rice, rice noodles, and choice of side(s). If you’re a papaya eater like myself, you’ll always ask if they serve it “Lao style” or “Thai style.” My preference is Lao style because of the bold flavors (fermented fish and crabs), but if you like it lighter, you can ask for Thai style. I got EiiDee’s Platter and chose steamed beef meatballs (home made) and chicken wings for the side.

Eii Dee’s Platter

Chicken Satay w/Peanut Sauce

Coconut Shrimp w/Peanut Sauce

Lek’s Laap (Raw Beef Laap)

Aside from the papaya salad, I highly recommend the laap as well. You can have it cooked well done, medium rare, or rare. If you’re adventurous like me, or like beef tare tare, the raw version would be the perfect order for you. You also get to choose how sour, bitter, and spicy you want your laap. I personally like mine a little sour and bitter with some kick to it. The beef laap is served with fresh vegetables, such as cucumber, long green beans, Thai eggplant, lettuce, and whole chilies. I don’t normally see this many vegetables served with laap, unless it’s homemade, so I was all for it.

Nang Mimp’s Mango Rice

Nang Nint’s Heaven Bananas

About KB’s Thai Hut

KB’s Thai Hut has been in business for almost two years. It is owned by Katherine Chanhthathep and Thouie Bounmy. Thouie, known as T, is the head chef and runs the kitchen while Kat runs the front. Kat remembers how her mother used to sell cooked food out of her van while Kat drove around. This was what inspired her to open KB’s and they serve the same food her mother taught her growing up.

Hidden Meaning

Upon seeing KB’s logo, you don’t think much of it, but it has a deeper meaning. Kat shared with me the meaning behind the logo above and what it means to her. Every piece of the logo is intentional. The white diamond signifies her brother, who Kat she considers the foundation of her success. From there, there are two yellow elephant tusks. The K stands for her son’s name and the B has multiple meanings. The hat on the B signifies another brother and the flower signifies Kat’s mother. The words at the very bottom are meant to look like grass, so together, the logo creates the look of a hut on top of grass. It’s evident family is what inspires Kat.

When asked what keeps their customers coming back, Kat replied, “It’s the consistency of our authentic flavors. Also, we live by our motto: Your taste is our perfection.”

If you’re in the mood for authentic Thai/Lao food, be sure to stop by! Catering is also available. You won’t be disappointed! I could only eat so much this time, so I guess I’m going to have to come back for more!

KB’s Thai Hut
8055 Elk Grove Florin Rd Unit F
Sacramento, CA 95829

Opens 7 Days a week
11am – 8:30pm


About The Author

Sai Vang

Originally from Minnesota, Sai is a local real estate agent in the Sacramento area and resides in Elk Grove. She has a passion helping family get into their dream home one step at a time. Aside from real estate, she is a foodie and loves to cook. Sai shares a weekly recipe on her real estate page for all her followers. Have questions about either real estate or food? Be sure to reach out to her.


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