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Koshi Ramen Bar Opens at Delta Shores

Koshi Ramen Bar Opens at Delta Shores

What’s better than having a bowl of ramen on a cloudy, chilly day? Nothing, really! Nearing lunch time, I decided to take a break from work and head over to Koshi Ramen Bar at Delta Shores to try out their ramen bowls. Koshi is not new to Sacramento, but definitely new to the area. The first location is located on Truxel Rd in the Natomas area. Since I was curious about their ramen, I decided to have a go at it.

The Atmosphere

This second location is no different from their Natomas one. The design and layout is the same, and consistency is a good thing in my opinion. Upon walking into the shop, I was greeted immediately with a warm bow. I went straight to the register and asked what their popular items were. The manager, Tim, without hesitation, gave me some top recommendations. My order was taken, and within a short five minutes, my food was out one by one.

As I sat waiting for my food, I honestly didn’t notice the music playing in the background. The music is subtle enough to allow a nice conversation with others you’re dining with. The decor is modern, and the painting on the wall scream Japan (aside from the obvious ramen bowls). From handing me my food to shaking my hand, everything was done with two hands, ready to serve. The manager made occasional checks on me to see if I needed anything, too. The service is nothing but superb.


The name of the restaurant says it all. They serve ramen bowls! The menu is simple and not overwhelming at all, so you don’t have to worry about being indecisive. Some restaurants have so many options on their menu, you spend a fairly large amount of time figuring out what to order. Not here. The menu is digital, so upon walking up to the register (or while you’re waiting for others to place their order), you can see what they have available. If you’re a person who likes to be proactive and want to know what’s on the menu before heading there, check out their menu here. Great prices for very reasonable portions.

What I Ordered

Left: Tonkotsu Ramen Right: Black Garlic Ramen

Grilled Whole Squid

With the help of Tim, I ordered their popular items: tonkotsu ramen, black garlic ramen, and the grilled whole squid. In no time, the tonkotsu bowl came out first. Shortly after, it was the black garlic noodles. Then, the squid. All were cooked perfectly to my taste. Everyone likes their noodles done differently, just like steaks, and I personally like them cooked al dente, and this was it. The noodles had a bounce to them and didn’t taste soft or mushy at all. The broths were nothing short of flavorful. The tonkotsu had the porky flavor that’s typical of tonkotsu and was not overwhelming. If you’re a person looking for a super thick, rich broth, this isn’t it. The black garlic ramen has a strong garlic taste, so garlic lovers, this is the bowl for you!

The grilled whole squid was cooked perfectly. Nothing chewy about it at all. The squid is glazes with a sweet and salty sauce and sprinkled with some sesame seeds. When asked if they used a teriyaki base for the glaze, Tim smiled and simply said, “We are not that simple,” which I appreciated. Squid, like octopus, is hard to cook. If not done correctly, squid can be really tough. Here at Koshi, they know what they’re doing, so you don’t have to worry about “breaking” your jaw.

Honestly, I could go on, but your best bet is to go and try it for yourself!

About Koshi Ramen Bar

Koshi Ramen Bar at Delta Shores opened its door for the first time on Monday, March 25, 2019. This is their second location to date. Despite the updated look of the shops, Koshi is a mom and pop run eatery. After speaking with Tim, I learned that Koshi is all about contributing to the local neighborhood. They want to participate in the development of the areas they occupy. Koshi’s vision is to be able to continue to grow with the community as they expand. If you’re looking for a quick ramen spot during lunch break, or whenever you want a taste of simplicity and warmth, take a short drive to Delta Shores to visit the new Ramen shop in town! They’re located next to Pieology.

HEADS UP: Koshi already had their soft opening, but look out for their Grand Opening. The Grand Opening is happening on Saturday, March 30. All their ramen bowls will be half off that day. The first 30 people in line will get a free bowl, with a limit of one per person. Make sure to stop by that day!

Koshi Ramen Bar
8144 Delta Shores Cir S, #110
Sacramento, CA 95832
(916) 629-9221
Hours: Everyday 11AM – 10PM

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