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Elk Grove Food Feature: Swish 54 Japanese Fondue

Elk Grove Food Feature: Swish 54 Japanese Fondue

Swish 54 is a restaurant that is new to Elk Grove.  Located off of Sheldon and Elk Grove Florin, they are in the same center as Dutch Bros and Chason’s Crab Stadium.  The location open in December of 2017.  They are still in a soft opening phase.

Hot pot broth, sauces, and fresh herbs from Swish54

Hot pot broth, sauces, and fresh herbs from Swish 54

The Concept

Japanese Fondue is called shabu-shabu and is similar to Chinese hot pot.  First, a pot is brought out with different broths and heated on a burner at the table.  Then, thinly sliced meats, seafood, vegetables, and noodles are cooked by the diner at the table.  Sauces are provided for dipping to add extra flavor.  Rice is also provided.

The Ambiance

Swish 54 is a stunning restaurant.  Starting with their gold logo sign outdoors, the taste level in decor is impeccable.  The location offers both high top seating and lower tables.  Interior is all gray with subtle Asian accents.  Most remarkable is the koi fish mural that is painted on wall.

Swish 54

Swish 54

While the decor is very aesthetically pleasing, it is also very functional.  The seats are comfortable.  The tables were designed to be long enough the hot pots are out of reach of children.  The heating element is recessed into the tables and the cut out makes the pot very secure.  High chairs are available for babies.  While heating elements are flush with the table at the high top seating areas therefore making them better for adults.

The Food

Each pot comes with two soup broths.  Most broths are available in spicy and non-spicy versions also hot sauce is available on the side.  Food is available for individual entrees or in all you can eat.  The all you can eat now includes seafood (shrimp, fish balls, and mussels.)  Each entree comes with rice, your choice of noodle, vegetables, and ice cream.  Extra items are available for purchase such as fish roe and egg.  Beer, wine, sake, and soju are available for purchase as well as soda and hot tea.  There is also a small appetizer menu.  Happy hour is planned to launch soon.

Swish 54 chicken wings

Pop’s Wings

Swish 54 Kobe Fries

Kobe Fries

Swish 54 Noodle options and vegetables

Noodle options and vegetables

Swish 54 carries very high quality meat.  Meat options are American Kobe Beef, Australian Lamb, and Kurobuta Pork.  The meats are sliced very thin and cook quickly in the boiling soup base.  The all you can eat is extremely plentiful.  One will barely have room for the Gunther’s ice cream that they serve for dessert.

We tried the Tom Yum and the Tonkatsu broths.  They were both flavorful and complimented the other ingredients.  The meat was all very tender.  This fish roe balls were my personal favorite item in the hot pot.  This is a must have if you like fish eggs.  The appetizers and dessert were all delicious as well!

Swish 54 meat options

Meat Options

Swish 54 Seafood options with fish roe add-on

Seafood options with fish roe add-on

Gunther's Ice Cream included with meal Swish 54

Gunther’s Ice Cream included with meal

In conclusion, Swish 54 is a lovely place to take your date or family for a fun and different dining experience.  Everything from service, to food, to ambiance is wonderful.  They are only open for dinner and reservations are recommended.  Also, to keep up with them follow them on social media: Swish 54 Instagram or Swish 54 Facebook.

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