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Man Is Assaulted & Has Car Stolen At Kelly’s Express Car Wash

On Saturday evening a man was assaulted at Kelly’s Express Car Wash and had his car stolen. Kelly’s Express Car Wash is located on Klagge Court in Elk Grove. The incident occurred at approximately 11pm.

According to the Elk Grove Police Department, the victim was washing his car late at night when the suspect, an Asian male in his 20s, started to assault him. The suspect punched the victim until the victim was on the ground and then continued to search through his clothing for money and valuables. Afterwards, the suspect got into the victim’s car and drove off, followed by an accomplice driving a white car. Both suspects were Asian males. The suspect who actually assaulted the victim and stole the car was described as being in his 20s, 6’2, and around 200 pounds. The stolen car was later located in Sacramento.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Elk Grove Police Department.

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