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Sacramento City Unified School District Board Votes To Lay Off Dozens

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Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education voted to eliminate dozens of positions within its district. Last year, more than 100 employees were laid off.

On Friday, the board voted for approval of 82 layoffs for full time positions. Of those being cut, 54 are K-12 teachers and four are adult education teachers. Twenty-four cut positions were vacant.

The decision comes as an attempt to keep the district from falling into bankruptcy. In December, a state audit of Sacramento City Unified School District’s finances revealed the district’s inability to address its financial crisis. Because of this, the district is increasingly close to insolvency.

Officials say the cut comes because of a lack of funding and work available for the next school year as the district continues to struggle with declining enrollment.

Layoff notices will be issued before May 15.

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