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S.E.A. Bowl Soft Opening

S.E.A. Bowl Soft Opening

First Impressions

SEA Bowl recently held a soft opening, gearing up for their official opening. This new restaurant in town serves mainly noodles dishes from Southeast Asian countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. As noodles vary from country to country, the food at SEA Bowl shines authenticity. The diversity in Elk Grove cuisine is becoming more and more diverse day by day, and it’s nice to see more establishments featuring authentic food from different regions of the world.


Located on 9635 E. Stockton Blvd, SEA bowl is tucked between Elk Grove Bike Shop and Studio Fit. Upon entering SEA Bowl, beautiful artwork can be found painted along the walls. The modern look is clean and comfortable. The staff is super friendly, and they greeted us like family. It isn’t a large restaurant,but definitely big enough to feel comfortable.


SEA Bowl features a simple menu of appetizers, noodle soups, dry noodles, sides, vegan dishes, and drinks. The specialty noodle dishes at SEA Bowl are inspired by different regions of Southeast Asia. They also serve wine and beer. Specifically, SEA Bowl carries beer from Asian Brother’s Brewery which pair well with Asian foods.


If you enjoy Asian foods, then SEA Bowl is for you, especially because there are such few places that feature Southeast Asian food. From the starters to the entrees, the simple menu delivers delicious, quality food, especially for noodle lovers.

SEA Sampler

The SEA Sampler consists of 2 egg rolls, 2 cream cheese wontons, 2 beef skewers, and 2 chicken skewers along with sweet chili sauce. The egg roll was crispy and enjoyable to eat. The cream cheese wontons were a delicious crunch. The beef skewers were super savory. The chicken skewers were seasoned just right. Definitely a great starter full of variety.

Shrimp Rolls

The Shrimp Rolls were 8 fried seasoned shrimps that were wonderfully delicious. I recommend highly recommend this appetizer if you like shrimp.

Kuy Teav

This Cambodian Noodle soup has similarities to Vietnamese Pho. Laced with rice noodles, sliced beef, shrimp, and meatballs, the oxtail broth was savory and delicious. The serving size of the small is definitely enough to comfortably fill one person.

Nom Banh Chok

Nom banh chok is a traditional Cambodian noodle soup with fine rice noodles. This soup is made with kroeung (a Cambodian paste) and coconut milk with minced fish and chicken. Served in a large bowl, this entree is portioned large and filling.

Me Kathang

These stir-fried flat noodles mixed with meat and broccoli and laced with gravy and a fried egg on top was super delicious.

Thai Tea 

This famous, rich drink serves to compliment the food at SEA Bowl or can easily be saved for a satisfying finish to a great meal. If you like thai tea, definitely order it at SEA Bowl.


SEA Bowl was a great experience in terms of food and service. The staff makes you feel like family, as I was greeted from even the kitchen staff.

Certainly, having SEA Bowl in Elk Grove makes our city an even more colorful place to live. I’m excited to come back when SEA Bowl opens officially.

Gear up for the GRAND OPENING on September 7, 2019! See you there!

S.E.A. Bowl

9635 E. Stockton Blvd
Elk Grove, CA 95624

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