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Op-Ed: Enough, Steve Ly, Enough

Op-Ed By José S Reynoso Let me lead off by saying that I am in full support of Bobbie Singh-Allen for Mayor of the City of Elk Grove. I did not know Bobbie until 2012 when along with 2 other gentlemen the 4 of us were seeking appointment to the […]

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Mayor Steve Ly Tells Hmong TV That The Women Are Lying After He Apologizes & Says He Believes Them On English News Media

Mayor Steve Ly appears to have landed back in hot water once more. Recently, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly was interviewed by two Hmong television channels. In those interviews, Ly discusses several women who have accused him and his associates of harassment, bullying, intimidation, and misogyny. Then Ly accuses the […]

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Team Elk Grove & Other Community Leaders Stand By Cosumnes CSD Director Jaclyn Moreno & Her Claims of Harassment

The claims of bullying, harassment, intimidation, and misogyny continue against Mayor Steve Ly. More female elected officials are stepping forward with their accounts.  Cosumnes CSD Director Jaclyn Moreno recently came forward with her story. She claims that Mayor Ly used his position along with a campaign staffer to bully her […]