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Temporary Ban On Fishing At Elk Grove Park

Photo courtesy of Cosumnes CSD Parks and Recreation

Effective this month is a ban on fishing at Elk Grove Park. The Cosumnes Community Services District voted to ban fishing temporarily because of reported littering and endangerment to wildlife.

The park is normally open for fishing year-long. Trout and catfish are even added to the lake every year by the Fish and Wildlife Department. Educational programs are also offered through the Fishing in the City program.

Fishers in Elk Grove, however, will have to hold out until the ban is lifted.

The moratorium on fishing is an attempt to protect animals, like ducks and geese from improper feeding. CSD staff observed that the health of waterfowl had declined due to the consumption of processed foods and breads from human observers.

The fishing ban at Elk Grove Park began on June 3 and will last through November 18. CSD will use the time to develop a wildlife protection plan that will allow fishing and help keep animals safe for an incredible experience at Elk Grove Park.

If you are interested in taking the Wildlife Protection Plan Survey, click here.

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