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Curfews Enacted Across California As Protests For George Floyd Turn Violent

Curfews Enacted Across California As Protests For George Floyd Turn Violent

Protestors in Sacramento Friday night

Protests for George Floyd, a black man who was killed in Minnesota when a white police officer pressed his knee onto Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes until he stopped breathing during an arrest on Monday, May 25, started in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have since spread to the rest of the nation and world.

The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, of Minnesota experienced rioting and looting in a week of protests, which led to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz mobilizing the National Guard on Saturday and throughout the weekend in an effort to restore order in full acknowledgement that there was an injustice that needed to be righted in the death of George Floyd.


California cities have joined the protests as well, including state Capitol, Sacramento, and larger cities like Los Angeles (LA) and San Francisco (SF).

Curfews Enacted Nationwide

Peaceful protests turned violent across the nation over the course of several days, including in some Californian cities. In Oakland, a Federal Protective Service officer identified as 53 year old Patrick Underwood of Pinole, California died when he was shot and killed while on duty at the riots on Friday.

Photo of 53 year old Patrick Underwood by Angele Underwood Jacobs

A string of fires, looting, and property damage were left in the wake of the protests up and down the west coast. In Sacramento, downtown saw stores like Sharif Jewelers, Kicx, and Macy’s damaged and looted. Protesters continued their march, however, into Sunday. As of 5:00 PM, Sunday afternoon, protesters met a line of police officers in riot gear at the state Capitol.

As for the rest of California, curfews were officially put into place for Los Angeles from 8:00PM-5:30AM and San Francisco from 8:00PM-5:00AM until further notice.

After a night of riot, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti requested deployment of the National Guard from Governor Newsom to “support our local response to maintain peace and safety on the streets of our city,” said Mayor Garcetti via Twitter. A state of emergency was declared in the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County and as many as 1,000 Guard personnel arrived to support local authorities.

In SF, Mayor London Breed said the National Guard would be on standby as protests continue in the Bay Area.

Protests Continue throughout California

All throughout cities across America, protests against the injustice done to George Floyd have drawn peaceful protesters, but they have also drawn groups and individuals looking to take advantage of the gatherings.

As protesters make their way out, please be advised of the circumstances surrounding each city.

For reference, please be aware: “SB 411 clarifies individuals’ First Amendment right to record police officers by stating that a civilian recording while an officer is in a public place, or the person recording is in a place he or she has the right to be, is not violating the law. Additionally, it makes clear that recording does not constitute reasonable suspicion to detain a person or probable cause to arrest.”

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