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Ly, Hume, Nguyen Sworn In; Hume Elected Vice Mayor

Ly, Hume, Nguyen Sworn In; Hume Elected Vice Mayor

City Council Members Stephanie Nguyen, Steve Detrick,
Mayor Steve Ly, Vice Mayor Pat Hume, and Darren Suen

Steve Ly was sworn into office as Mayor of Elk Grove at Elk Grove City Council’s Meeting, December 13, 2018 for his second consecutive term. Also, joining Mayor Ly, were Pat Hume and Stephanie Nguyen who were sworn in as City Council Members. Both Hume and Nguyen are returning to their appointments, having successfully fought off challengers in this year’s election. Stephanie Nguyen represents District 4 while Pat Hume represents District 2. Council Member Pat Hume was subsequently voted unanimously by the other Council Members to serve as the next Vice Mayor of Elk Grove.


Vice Mayor Pat Hume

Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume being sworn into office by his wife, Lisa Hume.

City Council Member Pat Hume was sworn into office by his wife, Lisa, in what is to be his final term.  After taking oath, Hume said he was “thankful for the opportunity to see a few projects through to fruition.” Pat then congratulated his opponent, Andres Ramos, for a hard fought campaign. “You certainly made me fight for these final four years. It just goes to should you, nobody should take anything for granted.” Pat closed by thanking his wife for her “support and hard work to keep me here another four years.”

Hume is a lifetime Elk Grove resident and has proudly served his community through various boards and foundations, as well as on the City’s Planning Committee and City Council for almost 20 years. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who served various community roles, Hume will end this term with a combined 22 years of service and the next four years as the newly peer-elected, Vice Mayor of Elk Grove.

City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen

City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen being sworn into office by her daughter Lana Viec
Photo Credit: Stephanie Nguyen

Council Member Stephanie Nguyen was sworn into office by her soft spoken eight year old daughter Lana. It was an endearing mother-daughter moment that touched all of the witnesses present.

Nguyen thanked her supporters.  “Thank you for having faith in me and voting me into this seat again so I can continue this journey. I look forward to the next four years working with all of you and being a part of this great city and I look forward to working with my colleagues here too.”

Proud mom, Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, embraces daughter Lana Vice after she read the oath of office for her mom to recite.

Stephanie Nguyen will serve in her first elected term. Nguyen originally joined the City Council as an appointed member in February 2017, succeeding Steve Ly’s initial appointment as Mayor. She is being sworn in as the first woman of Asian Pacific Islander descent on the Elk Grove City Council. Furthermore, Nguyen is only the second woman to sit on the City Council since the City’s incorporation in 2000.

Because Nguyen is an immigrant to this country, she relates well to the experiences of immigrants in our community. Nguyen currently is also the Executive Director of Asian Resources. Asian Resources is a local non-profit which caters to the need of Asian immigrants to the Sacramento area by providing job assistance, English classes, youth and senior programs, and health education.

Mayor Steve Ly

Mayor Steve Ly being sworn in by his wife Cua Lo-Ly and his sons
Photo Credit: Bee Thao

Mayor Steve Ly was sworn-in by his wife, Cua Lo-Ly, with their two sons by her side. Mayor Ly spoke to the crowd.

“I just want to say, to the voters of Elk Grove, this certainly would not have been possible without your support. And to man of the hundreds of volunteers that came out regularly to come and support, I think if I began to name individually, we may be here all night. But more importantly, you know who you are and you did what was necessary so we could secure a win.

I would also like to acknowledge the Vice Mayor, who ran a very competitive race, and I appreciate that. I think what is important for our community, is that these seats are not ours – it is the People’s seat, your seat. And every-so-often, we are vetted and I think it is fair that people who have an interest in public service step up and run for public office. This election cycle is no different. I’m real proud of that.

Not only that, but if Tracie Stafford is here tonight, I would like to congratulate her on running a very competitive campaign. I think each and every one of us delivered our message to the community and it is important that we continually engage with community members on some of the visions, some of the hope and dreams we would like to bring to the City of Elk Grove.”

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly

Steve Ly, became the second directly elected Mayor for the City of Elk Grove in 2016. Ly began his public service within the Elk Grove community as a School Board Trustee for the Elk Grove Unified School District. He was subsequently elected to the Elk Grove City Council in 2014. Afterwards, in 2015, Ly was elected by his City Council peers as the first Vice Mayor of Asian Pacific Islander descent. Ly is also recognized as the first Mayor of Hmong descent in the nation.

Moving Forward as a Team

City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, City Council Member Steve Detrick,
Mayor Steve Ly, Vice Mayor Pat Hume, & City Council Member Darren Suen

Mayor Steve Ly spoke graciously to the crowd present after the swearing in ceremony. Above all, Ly seemed to stress the importance of coming together and working together as a team. “I don’t believe any member serving in any elected seat do so with self-interests where it doesn’t benefit the community. I can guarantee that all of us who serve in publicly elected office want to do good for the community. It is fair to say, I have never met anyone who says, “I am going to do harm to our city or to our community.” I think that is something each and every one of us continues to do.

Nonetheless, the campaign is over. What’s important now, here, is that we move forward. We move forward together as a team to bring some great things to the City of Elk Grove. I am pleased to serve with these members here in this council and I am real proud to call them my colleagues. Ladies and gentleman, Thank you for coming this evening. Again, this could not have been possible without each and every one of you.”

Council Elects Pat Hume as Vice Mayor

Elk Grove Vice Mayor Pat Hume

After Pat Hume, Stephanie Nguyen, and Steve Ly were sworn in fellow City Council Members Steve Detrick and Darren Suen congratulated their colleagues with a few short words. Similarly, Council Member Steve Detrick furthered this by extending congratulations to other elected officials present, Bobbie Singh-Allen and Jaclyn Moreno who were just sworn in to the EGUSD Board and Cosumnes Community Services District Board, respectively. In addition, Detrick also acknowledged the efforts of all who ran for office “no matter the outcome” for “putting themselves out there.”  City Council Member Detrick then moved to nominate Pat Hume to replace Darren Suen as Vice Mayor. Most noteworthy, this was seconded by Council Member Darren Suen himself. Finally, with a quick vote, Council Member Pat Hume was unanimously elected as Vice Mayor of Elk Grove.


Congratulations to Mayor Steve Ly, City Council Member Stephanie Nguyen, and Vice Mayor Pat Hume. Thank you for serving our community. We look forward to seeing what great things are to come for the City of Elk Grove in 2019.`


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