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CNU Becomes Non-Profit & City Council Approves $900 Million In Bonds Through TEFRA For New Hospital

On Wednesday, August 21st, a special meeting was held for the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) hearing for California Northstate University’s (CNU) proposed hospital. More specifically, this hearing was to determine the approval or disapproval of CNU’s issuance of $900 million in bonds. To do so, the CNU […]

Community & Events

Incident At California Northstate University With External Affairs Liason & NEST Protesters & Mayor Steve Ly’s Response

 Incident On Saturday, February 23, Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly held a Community and Volunteer Appreciation Open House  thanking individuals and volunteers who helped with his campaign. Some protesters from NEST, the organization comprised of Stonelake residents who are opposed to the California Northstate University proposed hospital, showed up […]